Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hiding the dress away for a while

A small pic to show some progress. I've sewn almost all the lace motifs onto the bottom layer and rethought my skirt design slightly. 
On the bottom layer - small 'spikes' of motifs will run up each seam and the centre back seam will have a lot more lace 'cascading down' the full length of the skirt and train.
For the two voile layers - the only lace will be at the centre back and some along the very bottom. The motifs will be scattered around the layers to give a little more depth.

I've done all the seams apart from two (leaving open for better fitting) and all the 'spikes' of lace motifs on the seams bar 2, plus the two seams that aren't yet sewn. The dress now has to go away as my fiancé has returned home.

After positioning and laying out all the layers nicely I've positioned a pink fabric at the bottom. I've told my fiancé that my dress is a pale pink colour which would really not suit my skin tone. He believes me so I'm continuing the pretence. Theres obviously nothing wrong with pink wedding dresses but it is not 'us'!

Heres the dress with the big parachute like cover so he can't see anything (apart from a tiny bit of pink poking out the bottom)!

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