Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Starting the Fur Shrugs for the Bridesmaids

With the help of my chief bridesmaid I used thick scrap fabric to create a shrug pattern. Its quite simple with just two darts as shoulder seams.

It will fasten at the front with a ribbon or a button.

I drafted just one side - its loose so two sided fittings really are not necessary!

I then transferred and mirrored the pattern onto newspaper

And started to cut the fur! I've cut it to about 1.5cm seam allowance and because the fur is quite short I didn't cut it properly using a furriers knife or tiny snips with the scissors - I just went ahead and cut through the whole thing so ended up with a lot of fur on the carpet. Still, I think cutting the lot then cleaning was quicker than if I'd been snipping at a snails pace.

The fur and lining fabric is all from a Queen sized blanket my nana spotted at a charity shop. Beautiful fur, amazing price, upcycling and donating to charity. I believe from the feel of it the fur is rabbit. Its clearly quite old and I have no qualms about using fur - especially if it is from an animal that is culled for biodiversity purposes by rangers worldwide. I have one bridesmaid who does not want to wear fur so she and the flower girl will have navy blue fleece wraps made from some fabric I have in my stash.

Here are the cut fur pieces ready to sew up another day. 

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