Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I realised I never posted about the centrepieces!

The recipe (makes one centrepiece):


1 50cm glass vase
Approx 5 handfuls of river stones
2-3 branches
Strong Wire (and pliers to cut and shape)
14 Frosted tealight holders (replace 2-3 with lace tealight holders if required)
Electronic tea lights
1m Chandelier crystals, separated
12-13 foam roses in different sizes, some with leaves


1. Wrap roses around each other in a circle shape sized to fit around the base of the vase.

2. Place the ring of roses around the vase.

3. Place the river stones and branches into the vase.

4. Wrap wire around 4 tealight holders and add a loop as a 'bucket' handle.

5. Wrap wire around four parts of branches into a hook shape.

6. Place electric tealights into all the candle holders.

7. Hang the wire wrapped tealight holders on the branches and arrange the rest around the base of the tree.

8. Hang the separated chandelier crystals on the branches in random patterns.

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