Saturday, 11 August 2012

Voile seams

After sewing my side seams in the voile I had to remove the thread tracing. It shows here why its nice to do the thread ends away from the seam well into the seam allowance -  You can just snip close to the knotting and know that it will be cut away when it comes to hot knife cutting the seam allowance.

Heres a close up of the finished seams (before ironing) - no knots, no fraying.

Here are the panels attached to the dressmaker and pinned roughly in place. I pinned all the lace bits and bobs on to check the dress still looks like I imagined - I'm still feeling confident!

And the back...


  1. I think it looks lovely - I don't even think you will need a plan "B"!

    1. Thank you :) Though I'm glad I did get a Plan B dress - I'm definately following the advice you posted on your blog!